Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yeah, so I kind of love these kids.

Today has been a great day.  Our good friend and co worker Andrea (Birdy) is here for 2 weeks!! It's so fun having her here and I can't wait for her to fall in love with this place like I have.  Also, I am in love with the kids here and anyone that has read my blog before already knows this fact, but today was just one of those days that reminded me of what I already knew...that I love them!

Last Tuesday I took over teaching the choir class for one of our teachers, Berlyn, that left last week to go back to the US.  We actually lost a lot of people because college started back up for them again.  We had the best group of long termers here this summer and I miss them so much!!  I wish they could have all stayed until I left.  Anyway, back to choir.  So, teaching choir last week was a freaking DISASTER, TRAIN WRECK, whatever you want to call it.  I just call it hell.  The kids were loud, obnoxious, annoying, rude, little punks.  They played with my laptop, and took my iphone and got me locked out of my phone by trying the wrong password too many times.  And it wasn't all their fault.  My itunes was acting funky so I couldn't get some of the accompaniment to play, and I also didn't know how to lead some of their songs.  It was all around a bad time and was my "low" for the week.  But today I asked Celina to come to choir with me and play piano for us, and lay the smack down if she needed to.  Celina is the Education Director and the kids respect her like none other.  I am tempted to ask Celina to come to every choir class because today's choir class was the way it should be! The kids listened (for the most part), and we were able to get through a ton of songs.  I even let them listen to 4 songs on my computer and let them pick what song they wanted to work on next.  It was between "Heal the World", "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", "Can you Feel the Love Tonight", or "What a Wonderful World".  Let me rewind real quick.  Last weekend the kids watched "Journey to the center of the earth 2". staring The Rock.  In the movie, The Rock plays "What a Wonderful World" on a ukulele.  The kids LOVE anyone that is ripped, especially WWE guys.  Want to guess what song was the lucky winner?  You guessed it..."What a Wonderful World". I am excited to teach it to them!  It was nice to have a day like today when I thought the choir kids were adorable. I hope it stays like this, but I won't hold my breath for every class to be this good :) 

Another thing that made me grin from ear to ear today was seeing Hari's HUGE smile when he came to tell me he finally bought the cricket bat I bought for him that he had to earn with good behavior stars.  It's taken him weeks to earn enough stars for it.  I wish I had a video camera in my mind sometimes, because when he saw me he was so excited to tell me he had bought the bat, that he literally ran up to me and jumped into my arms as I swung him around in a giant hug. The cricket bat I bought him is almost bigger than he is, but he  LOVES it!  It has yellow and orange on it, and yellow is his favorite color (my favorite color too). This kid is so special to me.  He is funny, happy, smart, and all around just a great kid!  And best of all, I am pretty sure he likes me too and is happy I am his sponsor which is always a great feeling to be liked by a cute kid :).  The bat is almost as big as him, but he loves it and says he'll grow into it and get "big" like his WWE idols.  Sure. 

Callie told me she was talking to Hari the other day and he was asking her when my birthday is.  She told him September 30th, and then he started talking in Tamil to his friend Arun.  Callie found out later that they were talking about where Hari could buy chocolates for me for my birthday and that he was going to write me a birthday letter.  I can't handle the cuteness. I may explode. 


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