Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Departure of my Common Law Buddy

I have been blessed in my life with the most wonderful friends anyone could ask for.  Each one of them is special to me and I could not have gotten through the hardest and the happiest times without them.  One of those friends I have to give a shout out to is miss Callie Reagan.  Many moons ago, in the Highland Singles Ward in Hayward California I met Callie.  We were fast friends and bonded quickly over our sarcastic and sometimes inappropriate sense of humor.  That seems to be the way I bond with most of my close friends :).   After we met, Callie and I then ended up working together for around 7 years in San Ramon.  We became roommates soon after we started working at the same place.  You would think being friends, going to church together, working together, and living together for so long would have killed our friendship fast.  But that was definitely not the case.  We have had so many fun times, and have supported eachother in all the small and big things that have happened in our lives during the past 7 years. 

Last year I mentioned to Callie that I felt like I needed to be doing something different with my life.  I wasn't sure what it was at that moment, but I just knew in my heart that what I had been doing was no longer where I needed to be.  In order to sort out in my mind what I should be doing, I started applying to jobs, praying a lot, and got a blessing from my father.  I am a firm believer that some things in life don't work out, in order to open up doors of more importance.  There was a job I applied for that I figured was right for me.  I mean, it was exactly what I was doing for work except in a  different city.  I wasn't thrilled about the job, but was convinced that if I got it, that that is what I needed to be doing.  When I found out I didn't get the job I was relieved.  Relief isn't a feeling you should have when something doesn't work out...if that something was "right".  When I found out I didn't get it, I went to talk to Callie.  I told her that deep down I really wanted quit my job and go volunteer for a while...but in the normal career world that is a crazy notion.  Why would someone up and quit their good job to go somewhere and not get paid?!  Callie gave me some great advice that day.  She told me that it wouldn't hurt to just email Rising Star Outreach and see what kind of volunteer opportunities they had available. What would it hurt? So that is exactly what I did.  Within one day I was skyping with the Program Director at Rising Star where she told me about two positions that they were looking to fill in India, both with a 6 month commitment.   One of the positions was the Volunteer Director that would come to India and run their volunteer program.  When I was told about this position I didn't have one doubt in my mind as to whether I should take it if they wanted me.  That doesn't happen to me very often to me, because I normally question everything and try to make calculated decisions.  A day after I skyped with them, they offered me the position and not one day goes by where I am not 100% grateful that I had this opportunity to be here.  The other position they wanted to fill was for a Sponsorship Director.  When they told me about the position, my thoughts went straight for Callie.  I knew she would be great at it, and I also knew she would LOVE it.  So, within a month, I moved out to India and Callie joined me a month later.  We apparently were not done being roommates! 

Which brings me to now.  Callie's last day in India was today.  Everyone that leaves Rising Star, whether they have been here 2 weeks or 5 months feels like they are leaving part of them behind.  Callie and I both say that we can turn our emotions off when we need to get through something hard.  I wouldn't say this is a good quality, but I do this all the time or else I would be a blubbering baby crying all of the time.  Although, sometimes it is impossible to do that here!  Just watching Callie say goodbye to the kids was hard enough for me.  A stream of emotions went through me today.  First, having to say goodbye to Callie sucks!  We have been roommies forever, and our roommate-dom has come to an end which feels really weird.  Luckily we are both going to be living withing 40 minutes from eachother when I get back to the states, but it will still be an adjustment to not be roommates!  Still, I know I will see her in a month, so it's more of a "see ya later" than a goodbye.  Secondly, watching Callie say goodbye to everyone here just made my departure in a month even more real.  I have moments when I am so excited to go home and see my family and friends, and then 2 seconds later I will be gut wrenchingly sad that I will have to leave India and all the friends and little buddies I have made here.   Even with the thought of leaving here being unbearable, I am glad I had my Common Law Buddy here with me for most of the time to experience this place together.  And I know we will both be back to visit as soon as we can.  

Have fun in America "Callie Ballie"! See you soon buddy. 


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