Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Munchkin I like to Call Gokie...or Gobi

There are about 20 new UKG (kindergarten) kids at Rising Star Outreach this year, and THEY ARE ALL SO FREAKING CUTE!  It's seriously ridiculous how adorable these kids are.  One of these adorable little nuggets is named Gobi.  We've called him "Gokie" for the past 3 weeks, but apparently that's not his name (which he corrected Callie today while he was walking up the stairs), and to be honest, I'm not sure it's "Gobi" either.  Until we get a new list of names I am going to call him Gobi.  Gobi can be seen at playtime wearing this dashing turtleneck when it's 110 degrees outside.  Check him out! What a stud.

I find myself trying not to be a stalker and stare at these beautiful children all the time, but it's difficult.  I sat next to Gobi at lunch yesterday and just watched him eat.  haha,  That probably weirded him out but I couldn't help it.  Also, a few nights ago we gave each kid a de-worming pill. Sounds gross huh.  It's really just a chewable pill that they all have to take when they come back to school from their break.  The older boys seemed to like the pill because they kept on coming up to me wanting more of them.  But not Gobi.  We would put the pill in his mouth and he would spit it out...numerous times.  Eventually he was pinned down by 5 other boys, and after 5 minutes of them shoving the pill in his mouth and holding his mouth closed so he would swallow it, he finally chewed it up and ate it. I am so sad I didn't have a camera at that moment because it was so funny.  Even though Gobi didn't want the pill and tried to spit it out, he was a good sport and there were no tears. 

A few days ago I helped Callie take new school pictures of the kids, and here are some of Gobi from that photo shoot.  Callie got some great shots!  Speaking of shots, we started taking the school photos after the kids were getting their fingers pricked and getting shots...that's why Gobi is looking at his finger in the pic below.  Not a good idea to take pictures of 6 year olds right after they get their shots.


Is that a string or piece of rope you see holding Gobi's pants up? Why yes it is!  He is sometimes seen adjusting his pants in the waist so they don't fall off.  Oh, and tucking his top into his underwear. 

Gobi is brand new at Rising Star, so he is going to need some sponsors!  If you are interested in Sponsoring this adorable little guy, let me know! It's only $30 per month to become a sponsor and help him with his schooling.  And you get a cute pen pal that will write you letters! The kids LOVE their sponsors. They are like superstars to them! 

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