Monday, July 2, 2012

Seriously though, this place is awesome

I've decided that the only way I will ever get anything posted on my blog is to just plop the pictures I have into posts and then come back to write about them later.  I know you all just read about my lunch time fun times, but I thought these pictures were just too cute to not post! 

This picture is of Naveen.  He's so comedy.  Tonight he taught me how to play a card game where the boys use the WWE cards and whoever has the card with the "biggest bicep", or "highest rank", wins the rest fo the cards.  I lost every time.  Naveen also wanted to see me do the splits tonight.  I told him that he should show me how it's done first, and then maybe I would try.  He didn't show me, thank goodness, because I really didn't want to even try it!  He was also eating some energy drink powder he had bought, as if he needed to be eating that at all, let alone bedtime!  But curious me wanted to try it, so he let me have some, and it tasted like a packet of Splenda.  Gross.  When Arun (one of the older boys that I think is stellar) came in the room, I took the rest of the powder that was in my palm and without thinking I slapped it onto his cheek (not a real slap...just a pat on the cheek).  I didn't realize how much of that stuff I had on my hand until I saw it all appear on his cheek.  Haha, woopsie! He laughed anyway, so it's all good. 

More lunchtime goodness

Karthik, so cute!

Michael Raj!  He doesn't go to school here anymore, but I still see him at church every Sunday!

Miranda and Nisha.  Nisha asked me to sit with her at lunch this day.  I told her I would grab my food and then come to find her and sit with her.  She wanted to make sure I sat with her, so she kept coming back to me to make certain that I would sit with her.  Nisha is so funny and sweet!  She is albino, and her vision is not the best because of it, but she doesn't let any of that get to her, or at least she doesn't seem like she does!  She has the best sense of humor and is just a cool chick! 

Gopi and Madhavan!  Gopi doesn't speak any english yet, but this is what I do know about Gopi. I am obsessed with his little cuteness, yes.  And just so you know, the past 2 movie nights Gopi has seeked me out to have me carry him back to his hostel afterwards.  I'm not one to boast, but he must love me a little, right?!  Or he is just using me because he is cute and little and knows I would carry him anywhere.  And Madhavan, this kid is going places.  He is mature, and fun, and is a great example to his younger classmates!  

Boys being Boys

Here is a far away shot of my little Hari.  I gave him a ball from Thailand that looks like it is made out of wicker.  When we give any kid a gift here, it has to go through the "Star Store", so they have to earn anything they get.  Hari used his stars to buy the ball I got him, and I was worried after he bought it that he would think it was lame and not know what to do with it.  I went to his hostel tonight to say goodnight and almost died laughing when I saw the ball.  Lets just say it has been USED!  It has about 5 strands of wicker holding it together and has been torn to shreds.  Tonight they were still playing "cricket" with it, and Hari asked me to put in another ball like that into the star store.  I guess he likes it :).  I told him since it was from Thailand I probably couldn't get another like it, so he requested a foam ball instead. Probably a better, more durable idea.  I love these kids!! 

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  1. Oh Jules, we miss you and love your blog. My dad brought home one of those balls from Thailand. He said they use it like people in the US use hacky sacks. Ouch.