Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Smoothie Saturday

It's strange living so far away from "civilization" here in India.  We are about 1 1/2 - 2 hours away from the nearest big city, Chennai.  I've actually gotten used to the long drives here.  Most of the time we are all talking and laughing, or I am sleeping, so the rides go by pretty quick.  Saturdays in between volunteer sessions are days off for the coordinators and the other long term volunteers. There honestly aren't a ton of options of things to do on these days off, but it's nice to get away from campus every now and then.  A few weekends ago on our break we went in to Chennai to see "Snow White and the Huntsman" and to shop and eat some non-Indian food.  It was such a fun day! And a Shopper's Dream Come True, as it says on the sign below!  Ok, so it wasn't my shopping dream come true, but it was cheap and a good time (that's what she said??). 

Sunil Fancy Store.  I like my stores to be FANCY!

I found this shirt (almost bought it) and it reminded me of Kim F.! Kim if you read this blog, forget that I posted this, cause I may buy this and bring it home for you!

SMOOTHIES!!  This is the first frozen drink I've had since being in India. It's a strawberry and banana one and was so good, I could have easily drank 10 of them. 

This is exciting stuff people! Anything frozen in one of the hottest places on earth! yum

Don't mind my jacked up hair.  Focus on the pure joy I am experiencing drinking this.  

We didn't see this movie. Looks pretty scandalous for India!

The theater was really nice inside.  We ordered popcorn.  If only they had fountain drinks with ICE!  Can't get everything we want I guess. 

I am calling "YBF" for all of my girls back in the bay area! Whoever knows what YBF means, then just know, I picked this good looking gentleman out especially for you.   

This picture has no place in this blog, but just look at how tall those pants are!! Or how short I am for that matter.  India fashion!

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  1. ok i had the exact same smoothie at that shop in the "mall" ha (which by the way was deathly hot inside) and about died of happiness. it was right about when i was going home. i love your blog. the end. also, my cute friend maddie blake is headed over there in the next session. give her a hug for me :)