Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I can't think of a title for this post

Tonight is the last night of my first volunteer session and I am so sad it's over! Even though I will be here for another 7 months I feel like this group is "my" group.  This is the group of people that all experienced this for the first time together, and I feel so blessed to have gone through it all with them!

The joys of India... every few hours we hear a "chirp" coming out of our air conditioner.  We've narrowed it down to it being a lizard.  It's a cute high pitched chirp and it totally creeps me out.  That lizard is chillin out in the AC!  I would too if I were him but really he needs to get out of our room.

Back to blogging.  Today instead of tutoring at the school I went to another leprosy colony.  I need to get better at remembering the names of the colonies, but it started with a P.  This was a nicer looking colony then some.  It seemed very clean.  The people there were again really sweet like the last colony.  I wanted to learn something new this time so I helped the nurse that was cutting the dead skin and cleaning the ulcers.  I was like a little medical assistant for the day! I got the gauze ready and helped her wrap bandages on the patients.  Can I just tell you that I love that I am left handed, but I am finding it difficult to be a lefty here in India.  We aren't supposed to eat with our left hand...the potty hand apparently, so I've had to eat with my right hand and try not to look awkward.  Then today while I was bandaging at the colony, the nurse kept telling me I was wrapping it backwards.  Little does she know that not only am I a backwards lefty, but I spelled my name backwards for a good chunk of my childhood.  Anyway, we had a lot of patients to treat today and I was sweating up a storm, but it felt so good to be helping the people.  Lots of them had bad sores and it was pretty unpleasant to look at.  I am glad we were able to clean them up and get to talk to them today.

Every day at around 1:00pm I start to get a headache.  I have for the past 4 days.  Probably a combination of the heat, travel time between colonies, and not eating till later.  So today I took a nap in the middle of the day and it was just what I needed! We ate with the kids for dinner and I just really love them.  I am so happy that I've been getting better at remembering their names.  They love when I remember their name and it makes me feel so good that I am making them happy.  These kids are wonderful.  If anyone wants to volunteer for a few weeks or sponsor a child let me know! 

Well it's been a great day but I am tuckered out.  Below are some photos that make me laugh uncontrollably.

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