Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Funday

So much has happened in the past week and even though I've posted a lot, believe it or not I am way behind! Today was Sunday, and we drove 2 hours to Chennai to go to church.  It was a long drive but I passed out for most of it.  It's amazing going to a foreign land and finding something familiar like the church building and the lessons being taught.  The LDS church ( ) in Chennai is held at a brand new almost looks like a temple.  I met some really nice members of the congregation and really enjoyed the lessons.  One teenager introduced himself as Winston Churchill.  I've yet to figure out if he was kidding or serious.  I am way too gullible sometimes so who knows.  I kept asking him if that really was his name and he kept saying yes so I guess it's his name?!  Also, during the lessons you really have to listen, because most of the teachers will break in to speaking Tamil instead of english, and go back and forth.  It's also fun looking around to see beautiful women wearing Sari's.  I can't wait to buy one!  After church we were a little naughty and broke the Sabath and ordered 8 pizzas to be delivered to the church building parking lot.  We were starving, and also a little sick of the standard curry/rice combo.  One was a veggie pizza and the other had some sausage stuff on it. I ate both and really don't know what meat was on the pizza.  I told my new friends on the bus that it was probably Cocker Spaniel.

After a long ride back to Rising Star, we rested up and then went to play with the kids for a little while.  We got there during their prayer time, and I noticed little Hari was at the back of the room with his arms folded like one of the volunteers next to him.  First I just thought this was cute, and then I realized that Hari was back there standing like that because he got in trouble for talking.  Looks like I've started sponsoring the little trouble maker of the group!

 I love the pink shorts

Don't you just love this face?!  He would never do anything naughty, right??

After prayer time we play games while we are getting ready to eat.  The boys are so fast with the hand slapping game, and I am horrible so I get slapped on the hands a ton.  I look happy but I hate this game :) .  jk

I am loving it here.  I would love to have some of you volunteer with me this summer for a few weeks!  We really need the help, so if you have any desire to come, please look into it and I can work with you on making it happen.  Everyone that I've met in the past week that is only here for a 2 week block has expressed how much they have loved this experience.  We've all talked about how hard it is to put in to words how wonderful it is. If you are interested in volunteering, take a look at and let me know if you have any questions.

It's kind of magical here :).  Like a hot sweaty Disneyland.

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