Tuesday, May 15, 2012

See ya in November!

Today was my last full day in California for the next 6 months.  I made a surprise visit back home for the past 3 weeks during my break from India, and can I just say I am so happy I came home, even if it was for a short time.  Tomorrow I fly back to Chennai, and am super pumped about my 20+ hour flight! Woo hoo! But seriously, I am not looking forward to the flight, but I AM looking forward to getting back to India and working with Rising Star Outreach all summer.  I can't wait to finally be there and get started with everything.

Things I've learned the last few weeks at home:
-I love my family and friends more and more each day
-I love the bay area, and find it to be not only the place I call home, but the place on this earth that makes me feel most a peace (other than the temple of course) and I think everyone should love this place just as much as I do
-In & Out burger is a MUST for the first meal back to the USA from India
-Jet lag is rough and I get really annoyed when I can't sleep when everyone else is sleeping
-Eating like crap for 3 weeks because you wont be eating rich foods for the next 6 months in India actually doesn't feel great after week 3
-When you aren't working, every day feels like a Saturday, and you never know or care what time it is
-I can live out of a backpack and not do my hair every day and still survive

Tonight Andrea and I went to the beach so I could spend my last evening in the USA for 6 months watching the beautiful Northern California sunset.  Not only did I see the sunset and the bridge, but I got to see a FULL MOON!  Yep, this apparently was a "clothing optional" beach and some guy decided to take the "option" of not wearing any clothes.  This was definitely not what I intended to see on my last night here, but it was pretty funny at the time and Andrea and I had a good laugh. And if you really know me well you know that we didn't just chuckle for a few seconds, but made plenty of jokes related to that incident the rest of the evening.

Here's a taste of some of the fun things from my visit home:.

 Meeting the new baby Luke Groch!

Playing in the city with friends 


And this backdrop

As much as I love home, I can't begin to describe my excitement for what is in store the next six months. I hope India is ready for some Julie again, cause I am ready for India!!

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