Thursday, May 17, 2012

So Many Pockets!!

Is there something incredibly wrong with this picture?  Indeed, my back has a growth AND is pregnant.  When I purchased this gem of a backpack, I was in love with how many pockets it had!  And that my ginormous laptop would fit in it.  I am soooo glad I could fit the world in my backpack, and a family of gnomes, but it is not ergonomically sound, and my back hates it and me.  This picture is from Thailand, but after my 2 day journey just trying to get to Chennai this time around, this pic shows exactly how I feel right now after walking the length of many airports, specifically Dubai where I spent the last 5 hours going back and forth from the gate to the ticket counter to figure this crap out. 

Some more pics from Thailand.  Sailor Moon?!

One last thing, as much as it stinks that my flights to Chennai the 2nd time around got all messed up, I am glad most of it happened in the Dubai Airport which is by far the best one I've been in, and really, this just adds to the adventure I am embarking on!

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